Oxygen concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is a device which collects oxygen by means of the Pressure Swing Adsorption Methodology (PSA Technology) to separate nitrogen from ambient air. It supplies a high concentration of oxygen and is used with a nasal cannula to channel oxygen from the concentration to the patient.


Product Model

Oxygen Concentration

Oxygen Concentration

93%± 3%(5L)

Oxygen Flow rate

1~5L/min (adjustable)

Operating Noise


Rated power


Gross weight


Rated voltage


Package dimension


Product Details


1, Mute technology, measured 42dB(A)
2, eight-stage filtration system
3, intelligent voice
4, large screen display
5,Car applicable
6, 48 hours stable oxygen supply
7, Smart touch
8, 1-5L adjustable
9, remote control
10,Smart timing



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